About Us

At YTL International, we are committed to simply providing the best designed and built tools in North America. Additionally, it is our mission to exceed expectations of product quality, customer service, and ultimately value. Our family business applies generations of expertise and working knowledge to the design of every tool in our product lines, while also providing the innovation and flexibility required to deliver superior tools within a dynamic marketplace. We believe that every job worth doing right begins with our own, and that it is our job to make the right tools for every job worth doing right.

It is with both pride and pleasure that we create and supply the tools that allow our customers to be more productive in every job they take on. Our satisfaction means your satisfaction. Our customers love having tools and equipment which enable them to safely, effectively and quickly complete jobs. In other words, our products will work as hard as you do, year after year.

We offer tools and equipment for:

Founded in Cerritos, California (Spanish for Little Hills) in 2006, YTL International is a proudly North American company, with sales offices in the United States and Canada. We are committed to developing and supporting our customers and quality retailer partners. We are proud of the iterative design process involved in every new product, and prioritize the ongoing product support and servicing of our essential lifetime tools. It is our mission to be a leader in products for home improvement, big box, farm, ranch and automotive projects and activities by providing quality products and outstanding service with exceptional value.