4’X4′ Drag Harrow

Model: YTL-003-475

For leveling and smoothing dirt and gravel, preparation of seedbeds, loosening and leveling soil after plowing and packing, and even seeding lawns, Country Pro is proud to offer a range of heavy-duty Drag Harrows to suit any sized job worth doing right. Attaching easily to any garden vehicle by a tow ring hitch, our four foot by four foot Heavy-Duty Drag Harrow features a sturdy rust-resistant powder coat frame made from high carbon steel, rust-resistant galvanized mesh, with half inch diameter, four and three quarter inch long heat treated steel spikes. The Drag Harrow can be used in three separate orientations, allowing for a range of soil penetration and turning.

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Product Specs




4’X4’ HD Drag Harrow


4’ W x 4’ L

Net Weight

74 LBS (33 KGS)

Gross Weight

107 LBS (49 KGS)

Package Size

44.1” x 27.6” x 8.3”

Container Quantity