Performance Built

A North American leader in onsite tool storage and security, Performance Built Tool Boxes offer unparalleled reliability, safety and strength, without sacrificing the luxury of clever industrial design. A tradesman’s choice in toolbox is no different than his choice in vehicle, and we at Performance Built understand that looks come a close third behind dependability and security. A Performance Built toolbox can provide you with lasting peace of mind that your tools are exactly where you left them, while being the envy of any workplace or jobsite.

30″ Tool Box

36″ Tool Box with Cylinder Struts

48″ Tool Box with Cylinder Struts

3 in 1 Tool Box with Cylinder Struts 48″

30″ x 11.5″ Tool Box

36″ x 16″ Tool Box

45″ x 23″ Tool Box

3 in 1 Tool Box with cylinder struts 45″

5″ Wheels with Brakes