40″ Tow Behind Lawn Aerator

Model: YTL-013-529

With a tray capacity of 100 pounds and ten inch pneumatic tires, our 40 inch Tow Behind Plug Aerator is equipped to penetrate the hardest of soils to a depth of up to three inches. Twenty-four replaceable coring points crafted from heat treated steel and are controlled by a single-hand lift lever. Easily attached to any garden tractor or ATV, the plug removal helps reduce soil compaction and encourages growth by making it easier for water and nutrients to get below the surface. Built to outlast and powder coated for rust-resistance, Yard Commander Tow Behind Lawn Aerators are dependable and enhance the life of any lawn.

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Product Specs



Tray Capacity

100 LB (45.4KGS)

Pneumatic Tire


Package Size


Net Weight

72.7 LB (33 KGS)

Gross Weight

81.5 LB (37 KGS)

Container Quantity